February 4, 2007

Gula: Spoon-Shaped Stool By Shigeki Fujishiro

Wow, the Swiss kid design blog Kidsmodern is gone, replaced by a Swiss kids design site of awesomeness, Kidsmodern. They're adding shopping functionality any day now, taking it beyond just the traditional surf-n-drool.


Meanwhile, Kidsmodernist Suzanne spotted this chair at Tokyo Design Tide last fall. It's called Gula, and it's designed by Shigeki Fujushiro for Chigo. The shape is inspired by one of those ladle-type Asian soup spoons you think about swiping when you have miso. Very cuddly.

It was also on Mocoloco, but it's not mentioned on either Fujishiro's site or Chigo's. Stay tuned.
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