February 3, 2007

Kickback With Amazon, Bro: Pampers $25/99 Instant Rebate In February


Amazon SO wants you to be their friend, they'll give you $25 just to hang out with them this month. Hang out and buy $99 worth of Pampers, Bibsters, Luvs or Kandoo products in one shot, that is.

Qualifying products and details are here, and the offer code to use at checkout is PAMPERS2.

Amazon ran similar promotions last year, rotating through the major diaper brands each month, but offering date-sensitive gift certificates. Then when they launched Amazon Grocery, they tweaked it, offering piddly instant rebates on big grocery orders. Then, diapers being such a traditional holiday purchase and all, they stopped for most of the 3rd and 4th quarters.


Now they're back, with just straightup kickbacks. It's good to know that after conditioning all us consumer rats to run through their maze, and then starving us for six months, they're letting us join their price sensitivity experiment again. And this time, all you have to do is hit the button to get a treat. Yeah, capitalism!

Amazon's Pampers $25/99 Kickback runs through Feb. 28 [amazon, images: ricolikesbikes and ffcantero's on flickr]


It would be nice if all sizes of Baby Dry Pampers weren't "currently unavailable." They've been that way for a while now.

ARRGGHH! Time for another trip to Target...

[that is really weird. they only show size 4 and 6. we're Cruisers people ourselves, but still... -ed.]

personally, I'm not that into stuffing chlorine soaked diapers next to toddler coochies and cocks, not to mention all the other chemicals they cram into corporate diapers. go green and check out Seventh Generation.

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