February 2, 2007

Telly Has Four Mamas, Four Hot Mamas

I wasn't going to post this 1975 video of Telly Savalas--it outcreeps anything from William Shatner's spoken word song oeuvre--but then a BoingBoing reader named Jon added the following explanation of the weird beer goggles camera effect, and well, you'll see, my hands were tied:

I think you're watching him from the inside of a womb. From the point of view of one of his unborn offspring. And you're supposed to decide, knowing he's the man who's seed created you, whether or not you want to come out.
Telly Savalas Kojak singing "If" [youtube via bb]


My eyes! My ears!

does that mean there's a fifth woman watching them spread eagle?

[yep, the whole thing's shot in a shag-carpeted birthing suite -ed.]

who loves ya, baby?

[is this a multiple choice question now? -ed.]

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