February 2, 2007

DT Group Huggie: Who Buys Diapers From A Blog?


Sometimes I mourn for the wild and carefree pre-kid life, back in the day where we'd make farcical spreadsheets and PowerPoint for fun. The consulting world equivalent of writing a game theory analysis of leaving the toilet seat up. Whoa ho, good times.

In that spirit, here's a snapshot of the size diapers that DT readers ordered via Amazon in January. The majority were Huggies, since that was Amazon's choice for instant rebate-of-the-month, so this should not be considered a scientifically accurate or even a representative sample.

Pampers People, tree-huggin' 7G people, tree-kissin' gDiapers people, and treelivin' cloth&EC people will require further study. Thanks to everyone on Team Huggies for your support.


So, looking at the small slice of the pie going to size six, I wonder which is true:

1. DT readers have children that skew younger, so they haven't gotten to 6 yet.

2. DT readers potty train their kids promptly, so no need for 6!

3. DT readers whose kids wear size 6 live in hope that he'll be potty trained Real Soon Now, so the crate of Huggies from Amazon doesn't seem like such a deal.

[that category also includes the Over-nites, so there are people who are people in the midst of training, too. -ed]

Odd coincidence - I just did a post of a random powerpoint-type graph yesterday on my own modest blog. Hmmm, maybe something in the air?

[dude, way to rock the 3-D! -ed.]

Can you do a breakdown of astronauts vs. non-astronauts, please, sir.

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