February 2, 2007

Telly Has Four Mamas, Four Hot Mamas

I wasn't going to post this 1975 video of Telly Savalas--it outcreeps anything from William Shatner's spoken word song oeuvre--but then a BoingBoing reader named Jon added the following explanation of the weird beer goggles camera effect, and well,...
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Hey, My Kid Could Do That

The kid and the wife built MoMA this morning out of blocks. As she gave us the tour, she pointed out that it has a tower, an atrium, some sculptures, and a garden--with trees and a bridge. And some...
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21st Century Family Modernism By Richard Hutten

Well this is five kinds of cool right here. Designer Richard Hutten gave Dutch TV station KRO a tour of his house in Rotterdam, where he lives with his two sons. The creator of such kid-friendly classics as the...
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Itzbeen Baby Timer: Good. Couldabeen Great

Who knew we were living in the midst of an at-home-dad-driven renaissance in baby tracking technology? While the Baby Industrial Complex was introducing such literally archaic devices as the Mom Abacus as recently as 2004, dadovators like Ben MacNeil and...
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DT Group Huggie: Who Buys Diapers From A Blog?

Sometimes I mourn for the wild and carefree pre-kid life, back in the day where we'd make farcical spreadsheets and PowerPoint for fun. The consulting world equivalent of writing a game theory analysis of leaving the toilet seat up....
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