February 1, 2007

Big Pork Says Blogger's Breastmilk T-Shirt Isn't Kosher

Lactivist/blogger The Lactivist got a cease & desist order from The National Pork Board, demanding that she destroy her trademark-infringing, pro-breastfeeding t-shirts that say "The Other White Milk." [Cafepress pulled the shirts before The Lactivist even knew what was...
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Unidentified Local Dad Now Identified. As The Guy Pushing The Gold Lame Stroller.

Uh, this is exactly the kind of unnecessary dad stroll-pas Daddy Types was founded to prevent. Reportedly, there were ten of these things made, and they cost 500 pounds, 330 pounds more than the non-gold-lame' version. I'd like to...
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Airlines Eliminating Infant Fares

This oughta help the kids stay quiet on the plane. American Airlines discontinued its discounted fare for kids under 2-yo on Jan. 13. Their spokesman said, presumably with a straight face, "We found out that this was very rarely used,...
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FOR RENT: Repurposed Tanker Truck Pod/Crib By LO/TEK

It's what the blogosphere was built for, people. A few years back, the industrial detritus-loving architecture firm LO/TEK remodelled a typical loft apartment in the West Village, replacing the sleeping mezzanine with a factory-style catwalk--and king-sized sleeping pods set into...
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Moms Rising, Presumably To Get Dads A Beer

Not quite sure what the hook is, but the advocacy organization Moms Rising got a nice profile on CNN Money a little while ago. Moms Rising was started by Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner and MoveOn co-founder Joan Blades as part of the...
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Call It Piet Hein Eekian: Work Table Made From Road Signs

Slot-together, modern, minimalist design: check Marine-grade plywood: check Came from Portland: check Lots of orange: check The only thing wrong with this awesome work table made from reclaimed road signs is that it's not a crib. Does anyone know of...
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I Can't Get Enough Of That Piet Hein Eek

Seriously. Haven't seen it for a while, even though it was one of the first things I ever found for Daddy Types [alas, a few months too late for our own crib-buying]. But the more I think about it,...
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Who Is Ferrari's Licensing Guy? Day-um!

There's a Ferrari F430 in the garage down the street in NYC. It has the sexiest damn car cover I've ever seen. I mean, it was the Ferrari of car covers. Which means it's not impossible for Ferrari to make...
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Who Is Baby Loves Disco's Publicist? Day-um!

We all know that when graphic designers have a kid, they start cute little Onesie companies. And guys who didn't like their pre-kid jobs start My Big Invention product companies. But what kind of parent company do dancer/DJ's start? Baby...
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