January 31, 2007

WTF: Park Slope Dad Cheaps Out, Buys Graco Toy Stroller

From the Park Slope Parents listserv, The case of the missing toy strollers:

When she lost his other toy stroller, we didn't charge her for it, but this one is just really all the more aggravating because of the prior history and the circumstances. (The circumstances also included us schlepping the stroller in from Toys R' Us Times Sq on the weekend). Can we take the $10 out of her pay, or is that being petty?
Dude. Where to start? You schlepp all that way, and then you cheap out and get a Graco instead of a Mac? It's only $10 more. Also, why the hop-to on the replacement stroller? In fact, why get a stroller at all? In Manhattan, any stroller not being pushed around or not tucked into a big stroller is essentially fair, shareable game. Park Slope seems much grabbier.

The Moral Dilemmas of the Park Slopiscenti [psp reproduced--and shredded--at gawker]

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