January 31, 2007

Connect The Dots, People! Another Organic Robot Onesie


Two's a trend. How long are we going to shuffle along, distracted by their cute organicity, as little robot-decorated one-pieces infiltrate our society, our nurseries, our diaper bags, where they just lie in wait?

Waiting to hit the switch--click--and then--BAM!--a steely band clamps onto some small portion of our brand consciousness, like a burdizzo on a bull's nut. And then it's just a matter of time before we stop thinking about Onesies as a hard-fought registered trademark of Gerber Childrenswear, Inc., and we just move docilely on to market like brand-neutered cattle.

On the bright side, A Little Lark does offer the design in children's t-shirts, too. And on adorable letterpress cards.

Organic Robot Onesie [sic] by A Little Lark, $24 [alittlelark.com via thingamababy]
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1 Comment

the robot onesie is pretty cute. I think i'd be willing it let it infiltrate my home.

maybe this is how it works: we concentrate on organic products and sustainability, and then end up being controlled by all the nanobots they swirl into the coca-cola.

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