January 31, 2007

Gellibaff: Red Gum! Red Gum! Red Gum!

Looks like we need a WTF??? category around here. Gellibaff is a packet of crystals that turns your kid's bathwater into brightly colored, gelatinous goo. To get rid of it, you just dump in the second packet of crystals,...
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WTF: Park Slope Dad Cheaps Out, Buys Graco Toy Stroller

From the Park Slope Parents listserv, The case of the missing toy strollers:When she lost his other toy stroller, we didn't charge her for it, but this one is just really all the more aggravating because of the prior history...
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Sweet Stainless Steel Sippy

Good morning clean, cool water from a stainless steel sippy cup. Stainless Steel Sippy Cup [Klean Kanteen, Greenfeet]...
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Play Plus Soft: A Playroom With A View

Wow. I've never felt too bad for not giving the kid her own 2,000 square feet to run and play in. Until now. StudioUK has launched Play+Soft [you pronounce the '+'], a 200+piece series of early childhood learning objects...
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Richard McGuire's Random Popeye Generator

Since they haven't grown up, much less grown up with the old cartoons, kids won't get the conceptual elegance of Richard McGuire's P+O shapes, abstracted reworkings of Popeye & Olive Oyl's distinctive profiles. But that doesn't mean they won't...
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Connect The Dots, People! Another Organic Robot Onesie

Two's a trend. How long are we going to shuffle along, distracted by their cute organicity, as little robot-decorated one-pieces infiltrate our society, our nurseries, our diaper bags, where they just lie in wait? Waiting to hit the switch--click--and...
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