January 30, 2007

Organic Robot Onesie* Elaborately Printed By Canadians


But wait, doesn't that make it Canadian Apparel?

Robot Onesie* by Hardboiled, Printed in Toronto, $24 [elswares.com via swissmiss]

* Onesie is a registered trademark of the Gerber Childrenswear Co., Inc., the CEO of which has never exposed himself to a reporter during an interview, hooked up with a flock of interns in the office, or appeared naked in his company's advertisements. At least to my knowledge. This is actually an American Apparel organics one-piece.


What a great robot design! I'd love that on a toddler-sized T-shirt. So would the kid, I bet.

american apparel was actually founded and run by a canadian

[then will you take him back now, please? -ed.]

I'd love to have that in a toddler shirt. And an adult shirt.

They make toddler shirts in that, we got one for our son.

The woman who owns/runs the store is really really nice. We got there nearish to nap time and he was starting to melt down a bit, so she pulled out some collectible urban toys, set them up on a little table and amused him while we shopped.

Clearly she made money out of the deal, but she was just so damned nice.

Oh, and I for one would like you to keep the American Apparel guy.


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