January 30, 2007

Ikea Commercial: Dad Decidedly Optional

I'll just say that if this ad were for sale at Ikea, you would not find it in the Kids department.

Ikea Commercial :: Tidy Up [youtube via dt reader grant]


Both of those are equally bad. and deliciously non-American.

id like to meet the mommy

this is really REALLY wrong!

The kid is having fun, what's the problem?

[I see it as a show of support for self-directed play. -ed.]

Yes, it IS bad. That's the whole point of the ad. Now it's time to tidy up and find your lost senses of humor.

You people do know this aired, like any other ad, in europe. Europe ... a place where people arent uptight about what everybody gets to see.
Example: a teacher can show a video about global warming without hassle, thesame counts for evolution.

Like we didn't all mess around with dildos when we were in elementary school.

Funny, I was babysitting for a friend once, and this basically happened. The kids were rummaging around their parents' room looking for an ipod that the girl had gotten taken away for bad behavior (her grounding period was over), and they found it. It was one of the funny looking ones with bumps and stuff. They were like hitting each other with it and turning it on. I had to keep from laughing, and keep from making them think anything of it, so i just let them get tired of it and discreetly put it back.

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