January 29, 2007

I Oughta Give You A Peg Sandwich


This Creative Playthings Peg Sandwich is about 3-in high, meaning those pegs would probably pass through a paper towel tube, no problem. [That's the rule of thumb that stuck with me about choking hazards during the child safety prenatal class. Of course, at the time, we had 180 lbs of baby-bite-sized choke hazard in the corner of our living room. Some people...]

Anyway, back in the day, it was rated for 1-yo+ anyway, and according to the description, no child has ever tried to eat this particular Peg Sandwich. Yours could be the first.

Vintage Creative Playthings Peg Sandwich, $17+$7.34 s/h on eBay Express [ebay express]

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