January 23, 2007

DIY Uh, Duct Tape Baby Bjorn

DUDE, NO hotlinking. Just go to photobucket.com

Good to see the many uses of duct tape are not lost on the new parents of the world.

If anyone has made a full-fledged Bjorn-like infant carrier out of duct tape, definitely drop us a line.

Miantro's album: Good Old Duct Tape [photobucket, via smith frenzy]


this has to be one of the funniest pix i've seen. my only question is: is this strong enough to hold up my 3-year old? because i have a handle on the 6-week old; it's the 3-year old that needs controlling.

We're having a baby in 2 months, and I suggested some ideas such as this to my wife, others including keeping track of our baby's feeding - pooping schedule so I could hold her over the toilet at the right time. It makes sense, I wouldn't have to clean up a messy diaper!

Needless to say, she didn't even humor me with a response that would show she found the idea funny.

Google the term Elimination Communication. There is a lot of people that hold babies over toilets.

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