January 20, 2007

Los Folding Rocking Chairs De Costa Rica


Stumbled across this on the Surfing Cowboys' site the other day, and I've been trying to research it a bit, with no real success. Apparently, these folding rocking chairs made of saddle leather and plantation-harvested mahogany are a crafty, national icon in Costa Rica. Now whether they're a national symbol the way manure-tanned huaraches and smelly woven hoodies are symbols of Mexico, I can't tell

What I do know is the idea of a mahogany folding rocking chair with Shaker tendencies and hand-tooled leather seats sounds kind of awesome. But the idea of buying one sight unseen--whether it's for $100, $200 or $400--does not.

According to Simesa, a Costa Rican company, they invented the chair:

In 1908, together with the typical cart (national symbol), the famous Sarchí chair was born in the workshop "La Hacienda" in Sarchí (which means in Huetar language "open field"), the most modern coffee process exploitation machines, sawmills and workshops for the wood industry of the epoch where found there.

This chair was made by Mr. Daniel Alfaro Corrales, whose brother a few years later, in 1914, would give life to the chair industry and created in 1928 the folding rocking chair.

So far, though, Don Corrales has evaded any of my attempts to corroborate his story. Any actual info, context, or firsthand experience will be greatly appreciated.

Folding Rocking Chairs - Costa Rica! around $380 shipped [plumasmansion.com]
Folding Rocking Chairs, $165+$50 s/h [tropicalboutique.com]
Simesa Sarchi Carved Chair, $95+s/h from CR [simesacr.com]


these are awesome chairs. If you've been to costa rica they are popular and they are not expensive. However, not sure they'd work in an eames type home...they fold up for shipping.

My wife bought one of these many years ago while staying at a Costa Rican resort for US$35, and a bit more to bring it on the flight. (The leather alone would cost more here). Ours has been solid, except that our daughter is big enough to climb it, but not too big to avoid slipping through the back.

[lol. the kid got herself stuck butt-first in the back of a Karim Rashid "O" Chair once. hi-larious. -ed.]

My mom is a snow bird wintering in Costa Rica and brings one of these chairs home every year for freinds. They sell for about $50 and are packaged so they are ready to check at the airport. They are pretty comfortabe, and sturdy. In terms of style they are pretty caballero.

We have been importing these rockers into the US for over 17 years. Our company, Lavidaverde.com sells primarily wholesale but can supply anyone with a number of retailers across the US who carry the rocker.

I just returned from Costa Rica. These chairs are very comfotable...............!!

I live in Oklahoma. Does anyone here carry the rocker? My husband has a small farm and ranch store with a gift shop and diner and I've thought about ordering the chair to sell there as well. Thanks so any info., Carol

I had my first daughter in 2004 and was living in a remote Alaskan village at the time. My mom tried really hard to find me a rocking chair and no one would ship to Alaska. Finely she found a site that sold these leather folding rockers and would ship anywhere. We've had it going on 5 years now and love it! It is comfy and easy to move. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a good rocker. My kids have "fallen" through the back of it when trying to climb on it, but otherwise we love it!


Just saw your review of the rocking chair from Costa Rica, could you tell me the company you order from?
We we a place that can deliver in Quebec Canada
thank you so much for the information
Louise st-Laurent

We are Americans living half the year in Quepos. I would like to buy 4 of the rockers and two footstools with the plain tooling, magazine holders and cup holders for my patio in Quepos. I can have someone pick them up for me at your shop. Please give me a bulk price for these items. Thanks. P.S. I am also interested in 8 bar stools with no tooling or extras for my home in Texas. Please give me a quote for the barstools and shipping.

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