January 19, 2007

Whoa. Sweet Vintage Riding Toys You I Didn't Get

You know what I said about rethinking my dewy-eyed fixation with mid-century vintage toys and design? Yeah well, forget it. If only I'd been a little faster, my kid could've been riding into the glorious future on one of these suh-weet 1960s-era pedal toys. Surfing Cowboys, an antique and vintage surf culture shop in Venice Beach sold both of these bad boys recently--to someone else:


This factory-built Land Rover pedal car has an official Burmese government logo painted on the side, make of that what you will. My own childhood memories of never being able to get the 50s-era pedal car at my grandparents' house to go anywhere give me some consolation that this might not be that fun a toy. Not much, but some. OK, none at all.


I may dis modernism, but mod rules forever. This Vespa tricycle would've been just what the kid needed to overcome our current bike ban. Do they make little helmets with targets on them?

Hmm. Kits for building a wooden Land Rover pedal car are 680 pounds, while plans are 35. [reallifetoys.co.uk via carkb.com]

Surfing Cowboys, "Purveyors of California Lifestyle and Beach Culture"
[surfingcowboys.com via designsponge]
Related: PopSci published two set of plans for pedal Jeeps in 1945.

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Wow!! Love these vintage style riding toys!! I wanna pick them for my kids!!

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