January 19, 2007

Le Petit Prince, Le Grand Prix


$10,450. A signed, numbered first edition of Antoine de Saint Exupery's Le Petit Prince was the 7th most expensive book sold on AbeBooks in 2006. Considering the other two copies for sale at the moment are 70-80% more than that, I think you can pretty much lock in your spot on the 2007 list in January.

The Ten Most Expensive Books Sold On AbeBooks.com in 2006
[abebooks.com via coudal]
Little Prince, Signed limited first edition, number 421 of only 525 copies signed by Saint-Exupery, $18,500 + $3.50 shipping [Bauman Rare Books at AbeBooks]
Image: lepetitprince.net, an exhaustive reference source for the book's history


18.5K wouldn't qualify me for the free super-saver shipping?

I have a 1945 hard copy edition of Le Petit Prince published by Lirairie Gallimard in excellent condition and would be interested to know its value/if anyone is interested in purchasing it.

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