January 16, 2007

The Gunslinger: You Can Pry My Cup Holder From My Cold, Dead Hands


I've got a full-blown review of the new Bugaboo Cup Holder in the works. But before we get to that, I want to make sure the newest dads in the audience fully understand the seriousness of the Bugaboo cup holder crisis and the blood that was spilled [OK, it was actually a Diet Coke, BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT] in winning the well-designed, beverage transporting freedom you now take for granted.

Back in the day, when Prince Lionheart or whatever were the only suppliers of aftermarket stroller cupholders, you had a simple choice: desecrate your Bugaboo with a sorry piece of plastic that would've had you retaking shop class in summer school if you tried to turn it in, or carryyour damn drink in your hand.

It was my privilege to fight alongside a hero like Modern Day Dad to bring crappy cupholdermakers to justice, and to scour the globe for cup holders whose combination of beauty and functionality were worthy of our fine, Dutch rigs. [Has it really been almost two years since we discovered that the bracket for sexy, sleek, collapsible rings of The Motorcycle Drink Thing would fit onto a Bugaboo Frog handle?]

Now, on the eve of victory, I think it's time to honor another brave soldier, a man of principle who will NOT, as he so eloquently declared, "put plastic on my $26,000 bike"! A man who has beat his swords into plowshares, his spears into pruning hooks, and his bullets into cupholders. Seriously.

The Gunslinger is his creation, a cup holder of such awesomeness that...well, I just don't know: It's "100% billet aluminum triple chrome plated and rugged stainless steel hardware...fully loaded with recycled, once fired brass casing, and hollow point bullets. (spent primers - of course!)" Of course.

The Gunslinger and its bullet-less simulacrum, the Cupslinger, come with a matching chrome spacer or 7/8" or 1" clamps. It takes at least 1.25" clamps to get around the Frog's handle, so Cameleon owners might try installing it through the track of the adjustable handle somehow. Warranty-hating cowards will just drill a hole and mount it straight on. Obviously, a real man will have the Bugaboo Cup Holder's own ABS plastic hardware cast in billet aluminum and triple chromed.

And then he'll take his ride out for victory lap. I think the nearest Hooter's is actually down in Toledo.

The Gunslinger and Cupslinger, $46.90-99.05, depending, at Sinister Innovations [sinisterinnovations.com]


Very cool, and perfect if your Bug is outfitted with custom leather skins.

But hey, if all you need is a working cupholder that will fit your Bug, check out Valco's which I've just mentioned on my blog:

Wheelchair Cupholder--Drink Up!

It's a cupholder for all seasons -- or all reasons, as the case may be . . .

Bugaboo's cup holder is NOW AVAILABLE!!! It's not on their website yet, but I'm on my way to Bergstrom's to pick mine up. USA Baby also has them online for $24.99. Hmmm...I think my husband will love the gunslinger, maybe he'll even save some of his spent casings from the range and try to fashion one himself...anyhow, the cup holder only holds a standard size cup (no super-sizing guys).

[you can fit a 32-oz cup in the Bugaboo. -ed.]

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