January 15, 2007

You'd Think Hummers And Woody Are A Match Made In Heaven

And you would be wrong. There's a vintage Jeep Grand Wagoneer owner crying into his single-malt scotch right now because of this.


If this one's too small, Winding Road has a bigger one. Of course, everyone has a bigger one than the driver of this monstrosity.

Hummer H3 Country Squire Edition [windingroad.com via jj daddy-o, as is the hummer/woody joke]


As usual, I think the main problem is that this customizer just didn't go far enough. He's already destroyed the resale value of the thing, why not go all the way?
Avocado green or burnt umber paint job, for starters, and that excellent waffle-weave vinyl upholstery that sears its pattern into your flesh during the summer months.
If you were really ambitious, some time with a Sawz-all and some tinted glass and you could create a Vista Cruiser version. Far out!

Two bucks says that's old growth redwood...still doesn't top our red, 460ci '70 Country Squire - back in the day when Ford's design team knew how to sport wood worth talking about. Man, those "peek-a-boo" headlights sure pulled at the Mall.

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