January 11, 2007

Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk: What A Dude'll Do To Sell His Book

Neal Pollack has an interview with Radar v3.0 about his new book, Alternadad, the Eggers, and The Wiggles. But mostly, he talks about weed.

I'm looking forward to the book, and to more interviews and reviews, and not just because they produce titles and photo captions like:

  • "Dad to The Bone"
  • "Grupsy Daisy"
  • "Dr. Schlock"
  • "Daddy Issues"

    OK, maybe three times to the well is enough.

    Customers who bought:

    should probably also buy:

    Also: John Hodgman gave it a glowing Amazon Review, something he definitely doesn't do for all his ex-clients.

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    I say, keep talking man, that's pavement on the road for the rest of us. Whatever that means.

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