January 11, 2007

On Pregnancy & Drywall

Another datapoint for the Doing Major Renovation Projects While Pregnant file, from the NYT. The Olsons' blog about their DIY renovation is called HouseinProgress.net:

“One thing I always ask myself is, ‘is this really about the light fixture or something more?’ ” she continued. “If there are unresolved issues in the relationship. ...“

Her voice trailed off and then she described the time when, pregnant with their daughter, Grace, now a year old, she was unable to put up the drywall herself. “It had to be contracted out, and I wanted it to be five-eighths-inch, to match the depth of the plaster,” said Ms. Olson, who is the technical one in this partnership, the one who takes apart the dishwasher and puts it back together, the one to whom the thickness of drywall is of utmost importance. “But the contractor thought I was nuts and kept going to Aaron. So that didn’t get negotiated into the final work. Which made me very, very angry. I felt like the two boys had made the decision without understanding me. And for a long time after that, any decision we had to make I would get really defensive about.”

She has since dropped that bone, after explaining to her husband that she was still shaking off the effects of what she imagined to be condescension and collusion between him and the contractor.

“And he got it,” she said.

Irreconcilable Interiors [nyt]

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Yup, we're doing it again -- for the second time. (Baby + construction.) It's Papa's way of nesting. Can't fight it. But being alone in the hospital on baby's second day, widowed to a home improvement project, isn't exactly joyful!


P.S. I'll send a shot when it's finally all done.

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