January 11, 2007


I guess I could be pissed that half the toys--and basically all the multi-piece toys--in our Muji "Outer Space in a Bag" bag broke, several within minutes of taking them out of the bag.

But when you look at the launch record of the Japan Space Agency--or NASA's Space Shuttle, for that matter--maybe Muji deserves praise for its toy's unflinching authenticity. Of course, quoting the Challenger disaster in my last post should've been a heads up, too. BRB, I've gotta get some glue.


And you really need to rig up a diorama with fishing line and moon rocks to get the full effect.

[especially since they fall apart if you actually touch them -ed]

They were probably crunched or dropped before you even bought them... The other stuff we got from that product line (the mini-Tokyo blocks) were super-solid... even the thin Tokyo Tower piece is really holding up so far.

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