January 11, 2007

Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk, Talk: What A Dude'll Do To Sell His Book

Neal Pollack has an interview with Radar v3.0 about his new book, Alternadad, the Eggers, and The Wiggles. But mostly, he talks about weed. I'm looking forward to the book, and to more interviews and reviews, and not just because...
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Photos d'Espion! La Nouvelle Volvo XC70

...basee sur la dernière S80... fonh fonh fonh... la possibilite du V8... fonh fonh fonh... presentation officielle... Salon de New York... fonh fonh fonh Translation: I just deleted my daily "240 GL Wagon MINT lo miles, one owner, all records"...
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New Bed, New Nightlight, Now If Only She'd Sleep...

After an enthusiastic embrace of the new toddler bed and love-at-first sight with the ghost, the kid has had a really rough week sleepwise. Most nights, the problem's been not going to sleep. The first couple of nights were great,...
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Strange Stories For Strange Kids Is Actually Pretty Strange

Give Art Spiegelman the Truth In Titling Award. I bought Strange Stories for Strange Kids, Book Two in the Little Lit series he edited, which brings together well known graphic novel and comic book artists as well as other writers...
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I guess I could be pissed that half the toys--and basically all the multi-piece toys--in our Muji "Outer Space in a Bag" bag broke, several within minutes of taking them out of the bag. But when you look at...
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Child Friendly Australia's Ad Campaign Packs A Punch

Child Friendly Australia is an advocacy initiative launched last year by National Association for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (NAPCAN). Their first advertisement, titled "Children See, Children Do," is aimed at getting parents--and all adults, according to the...
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CES Update: Mercedes R-Class Still Not A Minivan

Just to be clear, it was Engadget who called the UWB-to-RSE-equipped MB R500 exhibited at CES an SUV. It is, in fact, a Not-A-Minivan [or Grand Sports Tourer in German]. As for what to call HD video beamed non-stop...
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On Pregnancy & Drywall

Another datapoint for the Doing Major Renovation Projects While Pregnant file, from the NYT. The Olsons' blog about their DIY renovation is called HouseinProgress.net:“One thing I always ask myself is, ‘is this really about the light fixture or something more?’...
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