January 10, 2007

Panton Junior: Duh? Or FINALLY?!


Doesn't it kinda feel like this classic Verner Panton chair has already been around in kid-size for, like, ever?

Well, probably not if you've actually tried to buy one. As Vitra puts it, "Soon after its introduction, Verner Panton began to consider the idea of producing a child-size version of the chair together with Vitra," but they could never make it work.

Apparently, company lawyers were too worried about the notorious spring action catapult setting. Fortunately that's all past, and we can chuckle now about the litigation-happy 60s, even as we curse the beancounters who kept this beauty off the market for so long.

Panton Junior chair is turning up in retailers in Europe like Balouga, and HighBrowFurniture in Tennessee has it for $115+s/h. Any other sightings? You could start coldcalling every reseller of any Vitra product listed on their site... [thanks dt readers monte and nicole]

Previously: at last, we learn who made "that Panton-looking chair"


It's being sold in Vienna at http://www.herrundfrauklein.com I saw it in the window, but didn't see a pricetag.

These toddler-sized chairs are nice and all, but I'm waiting for better designs in an even smaller size, about 19" tall, for my one-year-old. The mini Bertoia chair is this size and it's perfect for her, but the steel is too heavy when it takes a tumble. Give me a plastic Casalino, Panton or some other such thing in an 18-20" tall version, and I'll be happy.

[I realized why I figured the Panton was already in production: the Vitra Miniatures collection. It sounds like you're looking for something in between. -ed.]

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