January 10, 2007

Heyo, ModernTots The Website Now ModernTots The Store


I met Sarah and Bruce, the ModernTots.com folks, in Las Vegas last year at the ABC Kids expo. They were super-cool and surprisingly nice to me, considering the hassle Daddy Types' "Sure, it's custom-tinted, super-dense, has sweet bamboo veneer, and is made to order, but $3,000 for an MDF dresser?" post caused them back in the day.

Well, the loner weirdos who remain unconvinced of the production values and business model of small scale modernist workshops can join the rest of us and check the stuff out for yourself. ModernTots has opened a store in the real world. Or Brooklyn, anyway. DUMBO.

And most of the stuff is still ordered off the website or from their print catalog [!], so it's really more a touch and see, run and play showroom, sort of a showroom with benefits. Very 2.0.

ModernTots Showroom, 53 Pearl St, DUMBO [moderntots.com]
Previously: MoxBox Bamboo Storage from ModernTots

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