January 10, 2007

Unidentified Local Couple Score Customized Bugaboo Cameleon

When a working mom who was still breastfeeding after more than seven months contacted Bugaboo about getting her Cameleon made with some Rasta fabric she had lying around, the company hopped to. And delivered some very nice craftsmanship. Her unidentified...
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Daddy Types Wishes To Thank The Adver--WHOA, A SALE!

I was going to thank Vincent, the super-cool kids' shoe company from Sweden for their super cool kids' shoe ad, but then I saw they switched it. There's a sale going on, up to 50% off. Hop on over. Those...
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PeeWee Was A Grup: Baby Boomer Talk Design For Children, c.1994

Funny, I don't remember 1994 looking like the zany cruft on an Exersaucer. And I don't recall Post-Modernism retaining even half that credibility as long as it does in Steven Heller and Steven Guarnaccia's book, Designing For Children [first mentioned...
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Heyo, ModernTots The Website Now ModernTots The Store

I met Sarah and Bruce, the ModernTots.com folks, in Las Vegas last year at the ABC Kids expo. They were super-cool and surprisingly nice to me, considering the hassle Daddy Types' "Sure, it's custom-tinted, super-dense, has sweet bamboo veneer,...
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No, Suck On The Other End

Let's look at the facts: Armies of towering stewardesses A bunch of hippiesploitation flicks that, one way or another, obsessed our parents' generation Tiger Woods' bikini model wife The beds in which 25% of Europeans were conceived Is it any...
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Panton Junior: Duh? Or FINALLY?!

Doesn't it kinda feel like this classic Verner Panton chair has already been around in kid-size for, like, ever? Well, probably not if you've actually tried to buy one. As Vitra puts it, "Soon after its introduction, Verner Panton...
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DT Readers Get A Jump On Sparkability Nurseryworks Sale

If you're in the market for some Nurseryworks furniture, frequent DT advertiser Sparkability has given readers here the first heads up about a sale: They have a handful of pieces in stock in discontinued colors they're selling for half...
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Rubber Baby Cribby Bumpers By Creative Playthings

Literally, the first phrase I wanted imprinted in my kid's brain from birth was "plastic bags not a toy." I don't think this is a result of my own traumatic childhood memories, since my parents did not--to my knowledge--install Creative...
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