January 9, 2007

DT Car Seat Week: Not Safe Enough At Any Speed? UK Car Seat Test Results

After Consumer Reports' tough love car seat tests were announced, several people emailed me about similar tests conducted annually by Which, the UK's version of a feisty, take-no-crap, independent consumer advocacy and testing organization. The tests are remarkably similar in...
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Leo Schmeo, Can You Get Me An iPhone?

Yeah yeah congrats, etc. to James Vincent on the birth of his son. Now about that phone... [actually, with this announcement coming the same day as my shipping confirmation and tracking number, it looks like I picked the wrong...
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You Bindi, The Jungle Girl. Me Totally Not Surprised

Anyone besides me have an idea what the lead time is for a 26-episode television show? Four months after the death of her "Crocodile Hunter" father, eight-year-old Bindi Irwin is poised to step into his shoes, embarking on a high-profile...
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Baby Names Inspired By NBA Players

LeBron: not yet Kobe: yeah, pretty much Shaquille: maybe Jordan: sure, but how can you tell? At True Hoop, sportswriter Harry Abbott poked around the Social Security Administration's name database, trying to find any discernable trends of people naming their...
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Pick Up Walker/Scooter/Carrier Thing By Alfredo Haeberli

Yeah, I should really give the first part of that exchange between Nico Schweizer and Alfredo Haeberli:N.S. Your works have high production values, but at a price. Kids' Stuff, a 10-piece place setting for children, sells in the States for...
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Sweet Juniper Butter Knife For Kids By Alfredo Haberli, $150

Swiss designer Alfredo Haberli created Kid's Stuff, a complete dinnerware service for kids, for the Finnish dish company Iittala [that's two i's, two t's, btw] in 2003. It's thought through to the smallest details, to like making sure the...
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Sad Ghost Lamp, 2004, By Marcel Dzama

Like I said, I'm glad I don't have to compete with Ikea for anything. But I wonder if artist Marcel Dzama said the same thing back in 2003-2004 when CerealArt released his Sad Ghost Lamp. Made of ABS and...
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Yawaraka Sensha Teaches Futility, Cuteness Of War

Translated variably as The Fragile Tank or The Soft Tank, Yawaraka Sensha is a Japanese Flash animated series on Livedoor, a big Japanese site run by a guy who thinks he's Mark Cuban. A bunch of cute little tanks...
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