January 8, 2007

Dad Again Again, By Michael Lewis

Fortunately for fans everywhere, writer Michael Lewis and his wife Tabitha Soren decided to have a third kid. And fortunately, Slate decides a five year gap in Lewis's Dad Again column needs even less explanation than that season of Dallas, which turned out to be Pamela's bad dream:

I had just pressed a second pillow hard over my head to mute the alarm—it sounded as if it might be coming from the painkiller pump—and was very nearly asleep, when I heard a new voice. "You're 10 centimeters," it said.

The last time they'd brought the chains out onto the field, they'd measured her at a mere 4 centimeters. Ten was clearly forward progress, but it had been nearly five years, and I couldn't recall how many centimeters there were in a first down. I rose on the couch, and in the unnaturally bright tone of a man pretending he hasn't just been asleep, asked, "So … how many more centimeters we got to go?" That's when I noticed we had a new doctor. She looked at me strangely. "Ten centimeters means the baby's coming," she said.


A great read. Definitely don't miss his account of The Mirror.

Giving Birth in Berkeley: The father's perspective.
[slate via jj daddy-o]

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Yeah yeah yeah cute baby...But where do I get that awesome (itsnotaonesie) bodysuit the kid is wearing?

[judging by the color combo, I'd guess it's by Kidscase (kidscase.nl). They have baby wrap sets like that. -ed.]

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