January 4, 2007

Bugs Vs Crips In Clinton Hill

The barrage of comments on Brownstoner's 2007 Market Predictions thread cover every possible conversation topic you'll need for living in New Brooklyn: real estate prices, Atlantic Yards, and Park Slope sidewalks clogged with "doublewide Bugaboos."

Yes, Virginia, Brooklyn is a magical place where home values only ever go up, everyone's a gentrifier but you, and Bugaboo's finally come out with a stroller that seats two kids. That, or it's where folks don't let actual knowledge get in the way of a strongly voiced opinion.

Still, it's hard to beat this Bugaboo anecdote, which you are now free to retell as having happened to your officemate's friend:

My favorite bugaboo incident in Clinton Hill: trim blonde Mama having an animated conversation on her cell phone as she aggressively pushes her bugaboo straight through the middle of an ongoing drug deal. Literally. Hands were extended to proffer and receive the goods, and she shoved the bugaboo right down the middle on her way to Choice. Dealer and customer dropped their jaws and stepped back as she careened through, apparently oblivious to the fact that both were packing heat. Now there's a portent for the future.
hint: the stroller-hatin' starts around the afternoon of Dec. 31, scroll down. If you've found the phrase, "Stroller City," you're good to go.

Outlook 2007: Longs and Shorts [brownstoner.com via gawker]

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well... and then there's this http://www.brooklynrecord.com/archives/2006/12/block_magazine.html

Seems like there's enough snark and hatred in Brooklyn for everyone.

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