January 1, 2007

Well, FU2! Bratz Babyz??


No, MGA Entertainment, having it say "F--- You" does NOT make the toddler versions [!??] of your oversexualized, trampslutBratz dolls suddenly edgy and/or cool. They're still lame as hell, and they're never coming near my daughter.

That said, there's a bigger idiot in the room here: the sanctimonious parents who get all whiny about "inappropriate language," but who apparently don't mind that their kid is playing skanky ho's over there in the corner. In for a penny, in for a pound, you nitwits.

Parents Think Bratz Babyz Doll Says "F--- You" [consumerist]
note: if you're whipped into a shopper-avoidance frenzy, MGA also makes Little Tikes. Just saying.

1 Comment

happy 2007!
yeah! no baby prostitutes for my daughter either.
they'd be okay without makeup, jewelry, and with some adorable clothing.

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