December 29, 2006

Neal Pollack To Gothamist: I Am Hipster Dad, Hear Me Roar

Does the IRS have a Schedule C code for "Hipster Dad"? Because judging by his interview on Gothamist, Neal Pollack needs one. His parenting memoir Alternadad, due any day now [Jan. 7th, to be exact], got optioned for a movie, and, well, let's let him explain it:

What sort of projects are you involved in now?
I'm hip deep in this dad stuff. I'm keeping the blog on, which is a continuation of the stuff in Alternadad. I'm starting a parenting website, I wrote that screenplay, and if all goes well I'll hopefully be able to write a sequel to Alternadad. It's not that I don't have any other ideas, it's just that, at the moment, this is everything I'm doing. It's pretty much all "hipster dad" all the time for me.
Also, he got beat up a lot in high school, but then, that's why we love him so.

Neal Pollack, Writer [ via gawker]


I'm still waiting for my blog to be optioned for a film...

[no kidding, get in line. it hasn't moved much. -ed.]

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