December 29, 2006

German Town Development Pioneers Car-Free Living For Families

Unfortunately for readers in the Philadelphia area, that's "a German town," not "Germantown." Vauban is a new, 2,000-home development in the university town of Freiburg, Germany that's being developed on a 94-acre former military base as a haven for green,...
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Neal Pollack To Gothamist: I Am Hipster Dad, Hear Me Roar

Does the IRS have a Schedule C code for "Hipster Dad"? Because judging by his interview on Gothamist, Neal Pollack needs one. His parenting memoir Alternadad, due any day now [Jan. 7th, to be exact], got optioned for a movie,...
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All I Got For Christmas

Tis the season for coming clean. Daddy Types policy is to decline freebies and pay-for-play swaps of product and coverage. With the exception of all the cars mentioned on this site, no one can buy their way into Daddy Types'...
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All The World's A Playmobil, And We Are Merely Playmobilers

The kid only had one request of Santa this Christmas, but it was highly specific. And challenging: "A digger, and rocks, and sand." The digger would be easy enough, I thought. Even though I got priced out of that...
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The Toys Of Artist Richard McGuire: A DT Interview

How does awesome work from less than ten years ago disappear from the parenting culture? Granted, ten years is like five toddler generations ago, and I'll be the first to admit my baby trend radar was completely non-existent until just...
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Crazy Horses: DWR Slashes Prices On Rocking Beauty Knock-offs

There may be some justice left in the world. First, DWR knocked off a widely published design classic from the 1950's long attributed to Phillip Johnson, by trying to pass it off as an anonymous piece of modern folk...
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