December 28, 2006

Yet Another Sleepless Travel Day

You gotta figure you're in for a rough ride when the kid sleeps less than either of you. We just rolled in from France, via Munich and the Reston, VA Chick-Fil-A. The kid not only hasn't slept more than 30 minutes in the last 20 hours, she was a rock star on the 8+hour flight home, and she literally ran the entire concourse from the terminal to the parking garage. She was definitely riding on fumes the last hour or so, though, and she couldn't hold it together enough to pick between two pairs of pajamas.

Me, I somehow survived the unholy combination of the EU's new [as of Nov. 6, apparently] no-liquids policy and United's Pepsi-only zone. My wife is headed for the bath, with an unlimited supply of hot water, something that the plumbers on the house in France have yet to figure out.


Thanks for bringing to attention the fact that there is a downside to the "jet-set" lifestyle... I always save up my crappy travel stories for any time I get into a "it must be nice to go to Japan for 5 weeks" conversation. :)

Welcome Home! Look forward to hearing stories about your French adventure, and any cool baby or child stuff you may have found there.

Paris is probably our next big plane trip with our baby daughter, and we're not looking forward to that - especially since we're on the left coast. Any tips and/or tranquilizers you can share would be welcome.

En attendant, plus de details sur ton voyage, stp!

That's because they don't use those big tank water heaters in europe. They use flash-heaters. You can get them here, but they are $$.

[you'd think, unfortunately, 'they' didn't include my mother-in-law's contractors. -ed.]

Hey, I also have a French mother-in-law with a house in the country (and also frequent the Reston Chick-Fil-A - I work down the street from there). Small world...

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