December 27, 2006

Flash: Hollywood Depiction Of Parents Idealized, Judith Warner Critique Unfollowable

Maybe it's this crazy French keyboard, but I read Judith Warner's NYT essay about the problems with Jude Law's portrayal of a too-perfect widower dad in The Holiday, and I can't think of anything to say. Except that wasn't Jude...
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Robert Smith Drives A Bugaboo!! Uh, Wait...

Sorry, false alarm; It's just an illustration by Paul Corio in the Village Voice for a story about hipster music for babies. The article, by new dad Paul Ott is pretty level-headed. Ott's rigged up "a pink iPod Mini...
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q right column missing?

i got an email that the right column is showing up down below the entries. Any webheads have an idea why, please let me know; I can't get to a net cafe for another 4hrs... thnx [update: I should've known....
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DT Namewatch: #24: Lost In The Christmas Shuffle Edition

Zeke & Zoey Zodrow, twin Santa-fearers [via]...
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