December 20, 2006

I like 'em fat like that, too!

Let the cats all criticize, Joke about my baby's size; She's reet with me Because you see: I like 'em fat like that. When she bounces down the street, She's a whole heap o' honey, and ain't she sweet? Feels...
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Tickle Me Emo

They make TV with the comedians they have, not the comedians we want. Of the few I've seen all the way through, Mad TV's gags seem about 10% funny [i.e., they go on 10x too long]. Tickle Me Emo...
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Naming Like It's 1904 And/Or 2004

British folk are apparently all naming their kids after their grandparents now, says the BBC's Keely Paice, with lots of 1906-era names like Henry and Max and Ruby and Alfie. Alfie? That's a character on the Eastenders, so they're actually...
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Hey Baby, What Say You And Me Make A Tax Deduction Together?

I was having a hard time parsing this NYT article about the correlation between the number of kids born in the last week of the year--between Christmas and New Year's--an increase in the value of dependent-related tax deductions.In the last...
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