December 19, 2006

NYT Tries, Fails To Put Chad Pennington's Appearance On Sesame Street In Context

elmo_nyjets_nyt.jpgChad Pennington and some of his fellow NY Jets taped a segment on Sesame Street last week. In grand "leave no metaphor unturned" sportswriting tradition, the NY Times' Karen Crouse basically tries to credit Elmo for helping the Jets recover from their drubbing the other weekend at the hands of the Buffalo Bills:

Every week Pennington is put under the microscope. Whatever he does on the field, good or bad, is magnified. He professes not to care how he is perceived by the general public. But in explaining the lure of Elmo’s world, he sounded a bit like a puppet on a string himself inasmuch as his moods can be controlled by the public.

“Especially with all the chaos going on last week, it worked out good,” he said.

Like the others, Pennington made up the work he missed on his so-called day off by coming in early the other days and staying late. On Sunday he did not appear to skip a beat, passing for 339 yards and a touchdown, to Coles, to lead the Jets to a 26-13 victory against the Vikings.

J-E-T-S Are a Hit on Sesame Street [nyt]


Elmo-Schmelmo. My Bills are on fire!

Err.. sorry about that.

Even the crowd from Romper Room could have beaten my Vikings last week.

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