December 19, 2006

Belly Door By Elmgreen & Dragset

A few years back, some artist friends in Berlin, Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset, made a series of sculpture/installations that involved doors. Doors with two handles, doors two doors facing each other and chained together, etc. The idea seems...
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Get Ahead Of The Obama Name Curve

There are probably a handful of 6-year-old Ralphs out there whose parents are really wondering if they should've named their kid after the man who threw the election, so it's understandable if people want to wait until he's actually president...
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Chinese Regulations Changes To Affect Large Segment Of The Adoption Population

The Chinese government is tightening application requirements for foreign adoptions, according to the NY Times. For applications submitted after May 1, 2007, China's Center For Adoption Affairs will not permit foreigners to adopt if they: are single, are on anti-depressants,...
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This Office Party Story Doesn't Pass The Sniff Test

If it's true, then the apparently child-free Liam just didn't spin it right. Because if there's one thing a baby's good for, it's taking the blame for farts. RAISING A STINK AT THE OFFICE XMAS PARTY... [...
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NYT Tries, Fails To Put Chad Pennington's Appearance On Sesame Street In Context

Chad Pennington and some of his fellow NY Jets taped a segment on Sesame Street last week. In grand "leave no metaphor unturned" sportswriting tradition, the NY Times' Karen Crouse basically tries to credit Elmo for helping the Jets recover...
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The New York Review Children's Collection Puts Awesome Books Back In Print

When I discovered Richard McGuire's incredible kids' books, it blew me away that titles from just a few years ago could already be out of print. [Which isn't the same as being unavailable to buy, of course, but still.] There...
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This Week In Dog-Baby-Bad Parenting Insanity

Am I the only one who's ready to call BS on recent coverage of bad parent-and-pet stories? I mean, if Gardenia Johansson had better publicists, maybe her story would be that she was just trying to protect her baby's toes...
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DT Namewatch #22: Sorry, I Was Shopping Edition

I had this edition of the Namewatch ready to go, then I ran into a friend an engaged her in conversation. Plus, I had to wrap some Christmas presents. Do you think that's wrong? names [at] daddytypes [dot] com: Gardenia,...
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For Sale: One Sweet, Sweet Dad-Made Heirloom Crib

Hmm. Seems like everyone but me has managed to finish his kid's bed. Wisconsin furnituremaker Jason Holtz emailed with an offer too sweet not to post: a beautiful, award-winning hardwood crib--solid cherry and maple, with curly cherry end panels--he...
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