December 17, 2006

Blog It Or Buy It? Sweet Baby Face Vintage Swatch


Can't. Stop. Blogging. Must. Keep. Mouth Shut. And. Bid. Arrghh...

Oh, what the hey, I only use the clock on my cell phone these days anyway. If I bought it, this 1995 Swatch with adorable baby faces all over it [#GL107, Sweet Baby], which is in perfect, unworn condition, would just end up in a box with all the rest of my vintage Swatches. Better to wish it a speedy trip to a good home.

And besides, we'll be in France on the 23rd, and it's not likely I'll be able to find a poachable wifi connection in the village at 5AM on Christmas Eve day, which means I'd have to leave for town by 4... But what if I scouted one out beforehand and got back before anyone woke up...

GL107 Sweet Baby 1995 Swatch Watch Mint Unworn, starts at $50, ends Dec. 23


Hi there! I know it has been a few years...but ya still got the sweet baby swatch? Thanx, Kate

I just found that baby Swatch in a box. I'll sell if for $45 if anyone wants it. It's vintage and collectible.


Hi Tim,

do you still have the watch?
I would like to have one.

Hey I've been looking for this watch for years , my mum used to have one that she wore to death and now I've just had a baby ( her first grandchild) I'd love o buy her one . If it's available I would love to buy it and am willing to negotiate on a price! If not does anyone know where I can find one? Regards Holly x

Hi there,
This was my first watch and would like to buy one again for myself.
Is it still available?

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