December 17, 2006

Welcome To Disney Campana: The Mickey Plush Toy Sofa

I know what you're saying. You like the Campana Brothers' awesome sofa made by lashing plush toys to a steel frame, but for $15,000 [up from $11,000 just a year ago!], you don't want some generic stuffed animals from...
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Introducing The Bugaboo Stamp

For its new, 2007 stamps, the Dutch post office, TNT Post, commissioned the Amsterdam firm ...,staat to create a series of Dutch design icon stamps. Not like windmills or wooden shoes or anything [though tulips did make the cut]....
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Blog It Or Buy It? Sweet Baby Face Vintage Swatch

Can't. Stop. Blogging. Must. Keep. Mouth Shut. And. Bid. Arrghh... Oh, what the hey, I only use the clock on my cell phone these days anyway. If I bought it, this 1995 Swatch with adorable baby faces all over...
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Have You Seen Me? My Name Is The PlayAll

This was one of the coolest toys we had growing up, and I can't find out a single thing about it. It was called a Playall [Play All? Play-All? PlayAll?], which, in this CD and MP3 era, turns out...
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