December 15, 2006

Star Of Jersey Girl, Gigli Says He Doesn't Want To Embarass Daughter

Good luck with that, Ben. [strollerderby @] possibly related, unless you're at work: [youtube via goldenfiddle]...
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Toot Toot, Chugga Chugga, Small Faded Red Car

Last summer photoblogger extraordinaire David F. Gallagher snapped a picture of an abandoned amusement park car in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. If the carbon dating tests come back positive, the photo is definitive proof that The Wiggles are descended from those...
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Pinhead Takes The Dog Shopping

Gardenia Zakrzewski Johansson was arrested after she took her dog into Nieman Marcus in Scottsdale, AZ, but left her 2-year-old son in the car. She had asked valet Quest Wolfe to keep an eye on her son, who was sleeping...
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Christmas Is The Time For Sharing

If this quote is abrupt enough to get you to watch Diane Sawyer just to see if that's really how Angelina Jolie talks, the USA Today's editors will bring home the prize Turkey in the Poulterer's window, not the little...
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Baby Gate Mod Lets Cat, Random Limbs Under

Struggling to make it work with a baby and a cat? "Why lay down 50 bucks or more for a gate (that has less than a 2' opening), when you can MAKE exactly what you need for next to...
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DT Namewatch #21: Analyst Edition

Oddly, I didn't hear many first names during the JP-HK trip. Here's hoping you've been listening for interesting, unusual, cool, or awesome names. Send them in to names [at] daddytypes [dot] com: Alasdhair, alternate spelling of Alastair, also Stella McCartney's...
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