December 14, 2006

Norwegian Wood: Nice Toys By Olav Øen


These wooden toys by Norwegian designer Olav Øen have a happy Scandinavian vibe: a little Bojesen in that bear, a little PlaySam in that car, a little IKEA in those stacky things, a little superbright color to compensate for living in freezing darkness six months of the year.

As an added bonus, when you quote the prices in Norwegian Kronar, they sound awesomely expensive, when in fact, they only cost about 2,000-4,000 cents.

Olav Oen wooden toys at Pur Nordsk [ via lifeiscarbon]


i am interested in purchasing some of your fab toys for my grandchildren. please send me the info i need to purchase either online or my mail. thanks

The wooden train is NOT designed by Mr Olav Øen.
It is designed by Rokus van Blokland and Corry van Blokland Mobach, toy-designers in Nederland. It was produced by SIO (Speelgoed Industrie Overijssel).
The train on the photo was -illegally- produced by the Støa leketøyfabrikk and sold in husfliden shops.

The wooden train is designed by Rokus van Blokland, Nederland, NOT by Mr Olav Øen. He copied it and produced it without permission. It was sold in the Husfliden shops for a long time.

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