December 14, 2006

Cars You Can't Have Wrap-up: Nissan, Honda, Mitsubishi, Scion, Mercedes

I'm cleaning out the to-post folder here at DTHQ, and there are a few more cars you can't have, plus one I can [HAH!]: First off, the new Scion xB, called the Toyota bB in Japan, is just pimpy enough,...
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Kyoto Claw Game Big Enough To Swallow Three Toddlers

Things really are different over there. For example, we saw these claw plush toy machines in the covered shopping arcade area of Kyoto. The prize door is so freakin' big, you could fit a whole Chuck E. Cheeseful of...
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Q: How Long Does It Take To Slap A Volvo Badge On A Mazda?

A: two years. [1] Top: 2009 Volvo XC60 Concept [jalopnik and jan at] Bottom: 2007 Mazda CX-7 Reality [daddytypes] [1] And yes, I know it's built on a different platform....
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Norwegian Wood: Nice Toys By Olav Øen

These wooden toys by Norwegian designer Olav Øen have a happy Scandinavian vibe: a little Bojesen in that bear, a little PlaySam in that car, a little IKEA in those stacky things, a little superbright color to compensate for...
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Cut & Dry: Circumcision Lowers AIDS Risk

It's official now. After a French study in South Africa showed the same results last year, the US and the WHO have made pronouncements about two large-scale studies in Africa that showed circumcision significantly lowered men's risk of HIV infection...
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Studies: Do Something, Anything, To Get Kid To Sleep

Seeing as how it's based on a review in the October issue of SLEEP, the journal of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, I'd say the Times was asleep at the wheel with this story about which behavior techniques get...
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Japanese TV Silliness: Less Ninjas, More Robots

OK, I swear, I'll stop for a while. It's just that the third day of jet lag is the toughest, and I've got the last, daybreak shift with the kid, and it turns out the National Geographic watering hole...
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