December 13, 2006

Robert Mapplethorpe's Children's Portraits

I swear, I didn't plan for it to be art day, but there you go. The late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe is now best known for his minimalistic homoerotic and sadomasochistic nudes [OK, and maybe his sensual photos of orchids, but...
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Sail Away, Sail Away, Sail Away With The Kid. And The SeaSwing.

Cue up the Enya, baby, because come Springtime, we are finally going sailing again! Now that Kids Nautique has created the SeaSwing, we'll be able to clamp the kid onboard in a safe, upright position either in her Maxi-Cosi carrier...
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Ausgezeichnet! Cool Wooden Toys From Behind The Iron Curtain

While our parents were ducking and covering in the US, singing the praises of Howdy freakin' Doody to ward off the evils of communism, in East Germany at least, those same commie bastards were cranking out some mighty fine-looking...
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Andrea Zittel Made This Hat For A Friend's Baby

Another artist I really like: Andrea Zittel. Her work explores the boundaries between art and design, modernism, minimalism, and manufactured personalization. I'd love to see what kind of baby/kid environments she'd come up with. She has also been making...
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Kids On Art: Felix Gonzalez-Torres

One of my favorite artists is Felix Gonzalez-Torres, whose work I used to collect before it went stratospherically beyond my price range. We installed a sculpture of his, 180 pounds of wrapped candy dumped in the corner, a couple...
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