December 12, 2006

Framy The Square Dog: The Second Pitagora Book


And here I thought traveling 28 hours straight would be enough for a clean break with Japan, and yet here we are, slogging through jet lag by watching episodes of Pitagora Suitchi online all afternoon.

Visiting Masahiko Sato's website, I found out Framy, the cute, little, square animated dog from Pitagora just released a picture book. Framy to Soujiki [Framy and the Vacuum Cleaner] is the story of Framy's tussle with a noisy vacuum on an otherwise quiet Sunday afternoon.

It's the second book in a Pitagora series; the first, Pittari Hamaru Hon [The Fit It Perfectly Book], came out in October, and gives kids a series of shapes, then asks them to find something around the house that fits that shape.

Sounds kind of cool. Both books are available on Amazon Japan []

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