December 11, 2006

"I'm There For You, Son, 80 Perc--Hold On, Let Me Get This"

Parents ignore their kids to do email on their BlackBerries. The kids who are old enough to talk seem to take this personally, even the ones who play pretend Blackberry themselves:

One of BlackBerry's biggest defenders, Jim Balsillie, the chairman of Research In Motion, says children should ask themselves, "Would you rather have your parents 20% not there or 100% not there?"
Obviously, if you use a BlackBerry around a child constantly from the moment you bring him home, he won't know any different, and he'll come to accept the BlackBerry as an important member of the family, more important than him. Problem solved!

BlackBerry Orphans [wsj via gawker]
What, you don't have a BlackBerry yet? Get one from T-Mobile or Cingular right now! [amazon]
Buy the "My Very Own Berry!" toy BlackBerry on eBay or at some gas station []

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