December 11, 2006

Crawligator-ing Is Not A Crime!


This vintage Creative Playthings toy a tummy skateboard for babies, makes tummy time mobile. Not clear what the CPSC has to say about this thing in our newly enlightened era, but this particular Crawligator is certainly in exquisite condition. [update: holy Christmas, the thing sold for $411.

Vintage Creative Playthings Crawligator ends Dec 16. Currently $33+12 s/h [ebay]


Well, I'd keep it away from the top of stairs and maybe the baby would roll over a finger or two, but I WANT ONE! BTW - I found a few postings on it in parenting forums and everyone who wrote about having one as a baby loved it.

Oh man! We had one of these and spent hours and hours on it in the hallway of our '68 raised ranch in suburban CT...Great fun until our friends' dad decided to take it for a spin and broke all the wheels off. Damn daddytypes!


I had one of these when I was ittle-wittle... now I'm looking for one for my son. It seems the powers that worry (or perhaps the powers that sue a manufacturer for a parent's own ignorant stupidity) have deemed this an unacceptable product and forced its removal from the market. As a result, I guess I'll have to fire up my old jigsaw & router to make something similar myself...

I am SO tired of being expected to protect stupid people from their own stupidity... when I was young we expected to be responsible for our own actions & if someone did something so stupid it killed them, please, PLEASE let it do so before they could breed & pass on the stupid gene.

*Wondering idly how long it takes today's children to learn that hot things can BURN you*

Paul K - San Antonio

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