December 11, 2006

Cars You Can't Have: VW CrossPolo


This was one of the cars that started it all. The VW CrossPolo was in a dealership across the street from my wife's conference venue, and it taunted it us with its higher stance, its sweet turbodiesel, its FauxWD, it's nice rack--and its perky Santa hat.

In Europe, the CrossPolo starts at a freakin' $17,700. The CrossPolo in the official press photos is the exact yellow of the Drax astronauts on Moonraker, and yet VW has no plans to bring the car to the US. Did those VW execs learn anything useful in Malibu at all?

VW CrossPolo photos and release notes [worldcarfans, autoblog]
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I love to brag that we get these in Canada when the US doesn't a la the Mercedes B-Class, but sadly, VW isn't bringing it here either.

Apparently, the Polo doesn't meet North American crash standards... up here in Canada, that means that because the lowest price Golf starts around $19K CAD ($17K in US dollars), VW was left with nothing to compete with the likes of the cheap compacts from Toyota, Honda, and the Korean cars GM is importing, so they decided to re-introduce last year's model of Golf and Jetta for bargain basement prices marketed as the "City Golf" and "City Jetta". Sadly, no diesel in either...

guys well done keep it up this is damn beautiful i just lost words.what can i say about it WOW

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