December 11, 2006

"I'm There For You, Son, 80 Perc--Hold On, Let Me Get This"

Parents ignore their kids to do email on their BlackBerries. The kids who are old enough to talk seem to take this personally, even the ones who play pretend Blackberry themselves:One of BlackBerry's biggest defenders, Jim Balsillie, the chairman of...
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Crawligator-ing Is Not A Crime!

This vintage Creative Playthings toy a tummy skateboard for babies, makes tummy time mobile. Not clear what the CPSC has to say about this thing in our newly enlightened era, but this particular Crawligator is certainly in exquisite condition....
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Cars You Can't Have: VW CrossPolo

This was one of the cars that started it all. The VW CrossPolo was in a dealership across the street from my wife's conference venue, and it taunted it us with its higher stance, its sweet turbodiesel, its FauxWD,...
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Hong Kong Airport Authority Forgets To Renew Subscription To Mothering Magazine

Previously: Mothering Magazine's International Breastfeeding Icon Design Contest...
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