December 8, 2006

The Kid Learns The Lesson Of Bad Feng Shui

Yesterday/Friday, we shipped out of Kyoto and headed to Hong Kong for the weekend to visit some of the grandparents, who are here doing the expat banking thing. They live at The Four Seasons, which is known in Chinese as Four Seasons, Each With 64 Exotic Hardwoods and Marbles That Look Like Jackson Pollock..

As we were talking about feng shui, and how the senior bankers get feng shui experts to come align their offices, chuckle chuckle, the kid suddenly cured us of our gweilo skepticism with a loud thunk and a wail.

Because The Four Seasons had overlooked the cardinal rule of feng shui for little people: that you should never place a glasstop desk between a floor-to-ceiling window and an excitedly running child, especially when a helicopter buzzes by low across the harbor.

Until we can get some greenery, we draped some pashminas over the desk; they're black and purple, just like the kid's cheek.

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