December 5, 2006

BorneLund Fantasia Series: Beautiful Birch Laminate Pulltoys


BorneLund, the way-serious-about-fun toy store in Japan has been discussed here before, primarily as a rally point of the world's high-end wooden toy designs. But they've also commissioned some incredible toys of their own, like that 8-layer apple puzzle [I'm tracking it down.]

Now, in time for Christmas, BorneLund has introduced the first of its Fantasia Series, exclusive, minimalist animal pull toys made of hardwood and beautiful arches of white birch laminate. They even have leather pull strings. Their axles are offset, so the animals rise and bob along as they go, like the motion of those Calder pulltoys.

So far, there's a circus elephant with a rolling barbell balanced inside, and a horse with--I guess it's an abstracted stomach with a giant pill in it, I have no idea. They really look awesome. And they cost around 15,000 yen, which is not cheap. If you're planning on making friends with some rich Japanese folk, or maybe some ex-pats before the kid's born, you'll need to figure out how to drop that BorneLund hint.

BorneLund walking horse and circus elephant pulltoys, Japan delivery only []

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i have seen on the internet there are siku models with bornulund made on them. Can you pleasse tell me more about them?
I collect siku.

Regards, Joost Hamming

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