November 30, 2006

Le Corbusiesque Doll Toy Houses

toy_villa_savoye_myxyplzk.jpgThere haven't been a lot of breakout modernist dollhouses since the Miesian Villa Sibi came out a couple of years ago from awesome wood toy maker Sirch. [Damn, that thing photographed well!]

But now, just in time for the holidays, Myxyplzk, the West Village shop everyone loves and no one can pronounce spell, has introduced not one, but two toy houses inspired by Le Corbusier. The Villa Savoye is about 16" high, and the Guiette House rings in at 22 inches, all in beautifully unfinished basswood. At $245 and $300 respectively, they have all the playability [sic] of the Villa Sibi, at just half the price.

Suddenly $200+ for that vintage Creative Playthings dollhouse complete with furniture that your kid could actually play with isn't looking so bad now, is it?

Miniature Villa Savoye, $245, & Guiette House $300, at Myxyplzk [via nyt]
Seventies Creative Playthings Doll House currently $178+$20 s/h, ends Dec. 8 [ebay]

1 Comment

$500 for that Creative Playthings dollhouse!

[and still a week to go! Right before Christmas is the right/wrong time to deal in mint CP, depending, of course. -ed.]

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